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The Budding Gourmet was started with a simple purpose and a similar passion. The idea was to demystify global cuisine for the Budding Gourmand. It started as an interest in the lives of three foodies and became a burning passion. We not only loved/lived to eat, it became a personal pleasure to spread that joy of trying new recipes, new ingredients in ways that made sense to a young chef new to the world of woks.

Dipti has it all around her. She juggles being the better half of a self-taught chef with kitchens across three cities with the creative, yet corporate responsibility of running the Creative Content Solutions of one the finest Publishing companies in the world.

Bheesham is a serial entrepreneur with business in the food and lifestyle space. He believes in the joy of entertaining so inherently, he wants to take the task out of it for you whether is in innovation in recipe and technique in ready to cook solutions or high end signature catering for your small to large affairs. The Budding Gourmet is also a space he gets to further this passion with the aesthetics of being a design person.

Roy has been writing for as long as she has been eating and merging the two passions seemed like a natural extension. She has experience across platforms and media and believe that while video has brought us so far, voice will take us over the finish line. She believes that while she considers herself to be a complete foodie, she is very much still in the Budding stage of being a Gourmet.

Together, we find you products we think you need, ingredients you should know about and recipes and trends for you to own so at your next dinner party, you can talk the talk.

Corona Update: Please maintain social distancing and your next party should be over a video conferencing platform!

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