This is a product review that definitely is the need of the hour. At a time when we are all locked up and in, people are even anxious ordering in from places they love and trust because let’s face it it, is everywhere in the City of Dreams. – Mumbai. A self-taught chef, Nitin Mongia from Kiki’s Cafe came up with a way to help people struggling with work, kids, kitchen all at once while also taking out the stress of ordering in. Get Saucy is a line of Sauces and Marinades, made by the chef in a hygienically controlled kitchen. Above all, it is terrific because you have it delivered to you and then once you chuck the packaging, you cook the sauce/ marinade up rendering it sterile.

We believe that’s a much better solution than ordering in ready to eat because this way the heat is doing what all efforts to santise and control for Covid is not able to. Plus they are delicious.

We recommend: The stir fry sauce, Arrabiatta Sauce and the Rosemary Lemon Marinade.

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