Quarentravelling: Frankfurt

Explore the gorgeous Old Town of Frankfurt at the comfort of your home!

Nestled between Frankfurt’s iconic locations- Emperors’ Cathedral and Römer City Hall, you’ll find the “new old town”, a time – honoured location steeped in history and tradition.

Frankfurt’s New Old Town holds a special place in the history of the country. Few know that Frankfurt was once the home of Germany’s largest mediaeval timber-frame old town. Sadly, this magnificent historical site was destroyed during the World War II. Over the past several years, however, 15 faithful re constructions have been done to restore the town based on its original blueprints.

The beautiful New Old Town now consists of three winding laneways, a number of hidden courtyards and a picturesque plaza known as the Hühnermarkt, complete with an old fountain honouring Frankfurt’s famous dialect poet and one of Germany’s first democrats, Friedrich Stoltze and much more!

Explore this ‘newest quarter’ in a unique virtual tour and experience the highlights of the new Frankfurt Old Town from wherever you are! This tour will take you through history that has been brought back to life. The beautiful quarter also features, amongst other things, an archaeological site with remnants of Frankfurt’s very first settlements.

Get on this exciting journey in 3 simple steps:

  • Tap on the highlights and get ready to explore the historic Frankfurt like never before!

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