The gourmet world has been peppered with the flavours of the environment. Eat What You Grow, Locally Grown, Organic Farming, to name a few. Our favourite green trend for 2019 has got to be the surge ahead towards eco-friendly packaging. Whether it is the steadily increasing ban on single use plastic; jute and plant based disposable cutlery or the very best, Bring Your Own Bag. This simple transition for grocery stores worldwide has taken root across the world and roaming around with your jute or canvas shopping bag has become a badge of honour. Much like wearing a ribbon for a cause, you are carrying a bag to show you care.

Not only does this take care of damaging single use plastic bags being used for groceries, it has also created an environment for alternative means of packaging different items. Beeswax, canvas, butter paper or wax paper, silicone alternative or even just twine and tag are being seen returning to the vegetable aisle of all supermarkets. You can pick your veggies up, weigh them and once paid for, you can place them carefully in your vegetable bag rendering over packaging useless.

The best thing about this trend is the viral marketing effect it has. You see someone checking out with their own bag and you feel the full weight of your conspicuous consumption. You see someone walking down the bag with their own vegetables in a cloth bag and you think wholesome goodness meets social awareness. A person who shops like that is eating well in every sense of the word. 

Over packaging is the worst side effect of this age of innovation that we find ourselves. We are created new processes, products and certainly new ways to deliver them to consumers. The offshoot of that has been big boxes and miles of bubble wrap for a small jar of instant yeast! This year, we are seeing the BYOB trend extend to the fast-growing digital manifestation of grocery shopping. Grocer apps are sending your groceries in their original packaging in baskets which don’t get a new layer of packaging between the grocery aisle and your home. 

So next time you want to eat a salad, make it fresh. Not just fresh from your kitchen but fresh from the store and fresh from the farm. Lovingly chosen produce that has never been in contact with plastic…that’s the dream. 

Bring Your Own Bag!
Plastic bags are killing our planet.

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