Gadda Da Vida review. So the service was terrific and the if the monsoon chimes in, it is the coolest venue as it’s pelting down on the awning and on the beach 15 feet in front of you. We recommend the first row of tables for sure. The sex on the beach was delicious, the hot toddy was just not. Can’t go wrong in that weather with potato wedges. The grilled prawns were good but the spring roll was entirely passable. So venue would get a 3 even a 3.5/5 but the food brings this down to a 2.5*/5 with a def recon for sundowners in the monsoon. @novotel_juhu #gaddadavidanovotel #gaddadavidamumbai #sundowners #monsoonmust #musttry

Rating: 2.5*/5

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