Valmar Easy Gelato!

 VALMAR, a global leader in the ice cream and gelato making industry, launched a new equipment, EASY 3TTi, in Chennai on 19th June 2019, Wednesday. Swedinox Impex brings the newly launched gelato making machine that manufactures thick and creamy gelato, with a rich natural flavour.

VALMAR is a European company that supplies ice-cream and gelato making equipment to Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés across the globe, wherein these machines manufacture gelato and ice cream products and confectionery of premium quality. VALMAR’s specialty is in manufacturing high-quality artisan batch freezer for gelato and ice cream and it offers the largest number of models and sizes of machines for Gelato products, confectionery while ensuring a wide flexibility for every single product with the aim at preserving the product quality, regardless of the quantity processed.

Swedinox Impex Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized agent in India for VALMAR who had set up the flagship store Café Siciliano, at Khader Nawaz Khan Road, offering the customers, a delectable taste of original and natural gelatos manufactured with VALMAR machines. The company will be offering  a complete bouquet of services to any discerning customers.

“We know that more consumers are looking for options in healthy dessert made with natural ingredients, especially in the ice cream and gelato category. We’re thrilled & proud to distribute VALMAR Global’s latest technology equipment’s that meets the demand of end consumer. Now one can come up with creative unique gelato flavor combinations in Organic way. The gelato made of fresh and natural ingredients with exotic flavors are currently available at Cafe Siciliano at Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam.”

Mr. Abdul Rahim, Chairman, Swedinox Impex Group

“VALMAR Global has been serving globally the latest technology machines to produce  rich and creamy gelato for years now since 1987. We have been using high-end technology and expertise in making these machines that churn out delicious gelato. We have seen customers rejoice the flavors of gelatos made with VALMAR machines across the globe in over 80 countries.”

Mr. Alberto, Asia Pacific Business Development Director – VALMAR Global

With technology and expertise from Europe, VALMAR has grown steadily over the past many year’s and delivered successful products which has been appreciated by professional gelato makers. The VALMAR brand stands out for perfectly combining technological innovation, reliability, strength and long lifecycle of its machines.

Gelato is a popular Italian frozen dessert that is made from milk, sugar and the fresh natural ingredients, making it a healthy choice in comparison to other desserts. Gelato has redefined the ice cream eating culture worldwide, because it is natural, fresh, low fat and more nutritious than industrial ice cream. The gelato culture is spreading very quickly around the globe and is increasingly becoming a famous concept in India.

With ice cream being the most opted dessert, gelato industry has also been on the rise in the last few years. It has a lower percentage of fat than other frozen desserts and has less air in it since the air is incorporated in a natural way, giving it a richer and creamier texture. Gelatos are the healthier and tastier Italian dessert options, as they contain no added flavours or preservatives.

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