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Pure Moringa Honey


Kapiva Ayurveda has launched a limited edition of Pure Moringa Honey, an extremely rare breed of honey with medicinal properties and health benefits such as cancer-fighting flavonoids, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, etc.

This limited edition, limited quantity Moringa Honey is 100% pure and natural. The honey which is extracted from the flowers of moringa (drumstick) trees combines the benefits of pure wild honey with the nutrient-dense moringa. The limited edition moringa honey is neither pasteurized, nor heated or processed. Packaged in a beautiful wooden box, it contains the best of antioxidants, enzymes and. minerals.

Only a few thousand kilos of Pure Moringa Honey is available for sale every year and it is difficult to source an entirely pure version of Moringa honey. Kapiva has managed to procure a small batch of this honey through its well-entrenched supply chain which procures the resources from the Mother Nature in their purest forms.

Pure Moringa Honey contains extremely high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids and enzymes. Hence, it is rich with anti-inflammatory compound. Unlike processed and filtered honeys which are devoid of the health benefits of pollens and enzymes, this honey is unfiltered and delivered straight from nature, thus retaining all its goodness.

Pure Moringa Honey can be consumed with morning tea, as it acts as sweetener. It can be used a toast spread. One can mix Pure Moringa Honey with warm water and drink on an empty stomach to enjoy its myriad health benefits.

“The pure form of Moringa Honey is rare to find and venturing into this area of sourcing lesser-known, rare, Indian products is a natural process in the product development space for Kapiva.”

Ameve Sharma, co-founder, Kapiva Ayurveda.

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