JUILY WAGLE – Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Juily Wagle is an overall wellness coach and the founder of MetaboliX. She is a fitness trainer, movement addict, yogini, trained nutrition expert and a mother of twins. She has a BE degree and an MBA in Finance; is an certified fitness trainer & nutritionist from International Sports Science Association (ISSA), USA and a certified yoga teacher from the Nutritionist Yoga Alliance, USA. Juily also has the title of Mrs Maharashtra 2018 to her credit. Juily began her fitness journey about 5 years ago and started pursuing her passion seriously with the inception of MetaboliX. It is a scientific, sustainable, and wholesome and holistic programme that gives its practitioners the health and fitness results that they seek. MetaboliX works inside out and not just at a superficial level. The target group includes well-to-do and health-conscious middle-class apart from mothers across different age groups. So far, Juily’s venture has received all major clients through word of mouth reference which speaks volumes of the venture’s credibility. MetaboliX offers two programmes: an in-person transformation programme with personal training sessions along with customized hormone balancing nutrition plan; and the MetaboliX Online Coaching for both workout as well as nutrition plans. 

Juily made her way up from a corporate job and has, over the course of time, come to value her strengths and use them effectively. This helps her have a direct positive impact on the lives of her clients. Juily derives great satisfaction when they are able to lead a more fulfilled and healthier lifestyle. Most of her clients respond well to the MetaboliX programme. She considers helping clients achieve a marked improvement in all health parameters without medication/ surgery and through a switch to a sustainable and healthier lifestyle as her biggest success. Juily says that even those with ailments like PCOD, diabetes, and thyroid respond extremely well to the MetaboliX Lifestyle. Juily has also successfully helped in treating the physical manifestation of knee and back pain with the scientific application of exercise and yoga therapy.

One of Juily’s biggest challenges in these years has been convincing people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Some clients undertake the MetaboliX Plan but do not follow through due to lack of time or sheer laziness. She also considers Google as her competitor for health information given that a lot of free data, etc. is available despite no assurance of credibility. However, Juily hopes to conquer these challenges in the course of time. 

MetaboliX is on the path to growth. Juily recently appointed her first employee. Going forward, she aims to be a thought leader in the health and fitness space in India. She is working towards educating people on the scientific principles of health and fitness so that they do not fall for shortcuts/ fads. Juily also actively promotes the fit lifestyle on social media motivating people to take action. She is inspired by those who overcome adversities to emerge victorious and humility in people as her inspiration. Although she feels that balancing life and work is not easy, it is not impossible with dedication and perseverance. She is now trying to put together a team of like-minded fitness enthusiasts who can help her take MetaboliX to greater heights.

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