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The Four Greats: Lobster

Like a diamond, there are four ways to differentiate and appreciate a good lobster: gender, colour, age and shell. And in some ways, they are the true jewels of the seas.


Like a diamond, there are four ways to differentiate and appreciate a good lobster: gender, colour, age and shell. And in some ways, they are the true jewels of the seas.

Many claim that the female lobster is a better specimen. The larger breadth of her tail means she is meatier than her male counterpart. A greatly sought after delicacy adding to the female lobsters appeal are her unfertilized eggs. The trick is in telling the difference. Under the tail are tiny swimmerets. The first pair will be hard in the male while in the female they are soft and furry. So go out and find her.

We expect lobsters to be red, but they aren’t all red. Lobsters come in red, blue, green and yellowand white. Barring the white, will turn red once cooked. Except the white. While the colour blue is a genetic anomaly, it doesn’t In terms of color, lobsters come in different colors like red, green, blue, yellow and white. The color blue in lobsters is the result of a genetic defect. Color does not count when it comes to the taste of the lobster. All lobsters except the white lobster become red when cooked.

Researchers have not found an accurate way to determine the age of a lobster. Lobsters are known to live as long as 50 years. Generally, size is used to judge how old a lobster is but this may not be a precise method. This is because if you compare a lobster found in colder waters with one found in warm water, they may be the same size but of different ages. The size of a lobster increases each time it grows. The “younger” lobsters are considered to be tastier because their flesh is tender. When lobsters grow older their flesh becomes tougher. So, lobsters under two pounds are the most tender and are a good size single serving. When a lobster is larger about 5-7 pounds, the meat gets kind of stringy. Your lobster should be very active and mover around a lot in the tank. This is the sign of a healthy lobster.

When it comes to shell quality, you can choose between soft-shelled or hard-shelled lobsters. Lobsters go through a process of molting (shedding their shells). When their shells are soft, it means they’ve just molted. Soft shells are easier to break and more convenient to cook as compared to hard shells. A one-clawed lobsters (called culls) are just as tasty as the ones with two claws. So don’t over look them.

What counts is not how heavy a lobster is but how tasty it will be when cooked. When you go online you come across various types of lobsters. Now, that you can differentiate between the different types of lobsters, you can order one that matches your personal preference.

In addition to offering a good, source of protein which is great for hair growth, Lobster contains high amounts of zinc which could prevent acne and boost your immune system, noted by nutritionist Keri Glassman, author of The O2 Diet.

So while Lobster is a great tasting meal it has some key properties to help keep you beautiful. Therefore choosing the right one is very important. Shellfish in general is a much lower caloric choice than red meat or any meat for that matter.

Lobster is a great choice for our weather as it works well grilled, cold or warm in salads. Chilled lobster is really sweet and a Lobster Cocktail or a bisque is the perfect way to bring one of the four ‘greats’ of the culinary world into your dinner.

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