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  • Entertaining at Home Defined

    Entertaining at home is all about the way your guests feel when they head out your door.
    Entertaining at Home Defined
  • A Cup of Tea Please

    Tea parties are back in fashion says FAREEDA KANGA
    A Cup of Tea Please
  • Food Trends 2012

    Prices went through the roof. All over the world. It became harder to put three square meals on the table. Wars tottered on the brink over food supplies. And yet, where they could, they experimented. The tried the exotic and they brought back some favourites.
    Food Trends 2012
  • Christmas Is Served!

    Pereena Lamba looks in to the history of the heaving Christmas table.
    Christmas Is Served!
  • A Twisted Indian Xmas

    Seema Bhatia shares her twisted xmas fun filled ideas with us.
    A Twisted Indian Xmas
Black Beauty
Table Setting Idea Mothers Day By Libellule
The Adventures of Hortensia by Libellule
Modern Tropical Romantic
Dressed Up Drinks

Johnnie Walker Red Label
Johnnie Walker Red Label
The Budding Gourmet

The world's best-selling Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker Red Label is renowned for its bold, distinctive taste which shines through even when mix...more

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How do you like your chocolate?
Soft and Melted  2 votes
Hard and Frozen  0 votes
Flavoured  0 votes
In Coffee  1 votes
Club Sandwich Index (CSI)

Paris named most expensive city for a Club Sandwich, according to the Hotels.com
The world's most romantic city, Paris, has been named the most expensive ci...More

Chef Of The Week
Chef Renji, Ziya, The Oberoi, Mumbai
Chef Renjis Coconut Cashew Khichdi
Chef Renjis Beet Root Raita
Chef Renjis Wild Mushroom Paratha
Lifafa Paneer
Chef Renjis Kolhapuri Prawns
Chef Renjis Almond Tikki
Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Tikka

Do we fast too much in this Country? Is it healthy?
Yes and Yes  61 votes
Yes and No  43 votes
No and Yes  15 votes
No and No  12 votes

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