Malido (a traditional bohra sweet dish made from wheat)
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  Recipes & Style » Malido (a traditional bohra sweet dish made from wheat)
Posted By :: Nisha Anand
  Serving Size ::
  Cuisine type :: Bohra
  Cooking time :: Less than 5 mins
  Course :: Desserts
1 cup wheat flour
1 cup sooji, semolina
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
1/2 - 3/4 cup ghee
25g each of raisins, cashew nuts and charoli, chironji
4 kinds of magaz (seeds of watermelon, white melon, pink melon and red pumpkin)
50g of almonds and pista
a handful of gundar or gum crystals
2 cups of jaggery

Mix wheat flour, semolina, milk, egg and ghee and knead to form a hard dough. Add a little water, if necessary.

Make into muthiyas/ round balls and fry till golden brown. Remove from ghee and pound immediately till it is nicely crushed.

In the same ghee fry the gundar and keep aside.

Stain the ghee.

Then heat the same ghee and add the chopped jaggery. Cook on medium heat and keep stirring  till the jaggery starts bubbling. Lower the flame at this stage and add the crushed muthiyas, the dried fruits and nuts and remove from flame.

Stir and mix very well.


100 grams of khoya may be added if desired, after heating slightly.

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